Daminion 0.7 Alpha Released

by Murat on January 20th, 2011

We apologize for the delays with this announcement, but the development of multi-user systems such as Daminion requires significant efforts – efforts that necessitated more time than we had expected.

Daminion - Digital Media Management System

Some quick feature highlights of Daminion 0.7 Alpha:

– 30-plus tags to help you quickly describe and filter your content with just a few mouse clicks (in PicaJet, only categories were available)
– Full Support for XMP, EXIF, IPTC metadata. Any changes of file properties (tags) will automatically be reflected on the file metadata (if the metadata writing is supported by the file media format)
– Reading/writing hierarchical and complex tags from/to metadata
– Quick, advanced and saved searches
– Version control
– Export on demand with transformation presets
– Powerful properties panel
– New interface with draggable panels and various view modes.
– Simultaneous works with multiple catalogs that feature different tabs, similar to modern web-browsers that can open web-pages
– Catalogs lock in relative paths to imported files. No worries over losing links to your files even if you store your folders on an external storage drive. If files or catalogs are re-located, all links inside the catalogs will always correctly point to files on the same drive or in the same folder.
– A full list of supported media formats can be found here: http://bit.ly/ggikan

Features not yet implemented:

– Daminion Server: Support for shared catalogs and control user access
– Sending files by email (however, you can prepare the files to send by email and copy them to a folder)
– Stacks: Grouping similar assets
– Quick tag assigner
– Custom tags
– Export customization
– General properties
– Help

Daminion is now available for download and testing for participants in the testing program.

We hope you enjoy Daminion.

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  • Charles Machado

    Congratulations for 0.7 Alpha version. Fantastic job!

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Thanks, Charles. Hope you like it.

  • Dan Knight

    I keep looking for the ultimate DAM software, would love to check this out looks great!

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Thanks for the interest in Daminion. I’ve sent the download instructions to your email.
    We’d love to hear any feedback or criticizm.

  • Bia

    It looks promising. How I can get it?

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Bia,

    Sent the download instructions to your email.


  • Jamie

    As a purchaser of PicaJet from long ago, I would like to try out the new version.

    Also, what will the upgrade cost be for licensed PicaJet users once it’s been released?

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Jamie, thanks for staying with us. I’ve emailed the download instructions to you.

    Regarding upgrade cost – sure, as an existing PicaJet FX customer you are entitled to a special discount on your Daminion purchase.

  • Dr John RHODES

    Initial positive feelings despite a couple of crashes. Not too intuitive and wouldn’t have know its family resemblance to Picajet. Nice if you could access the file tree. Searches -good if it would remember details or process for say 1 session. Will continue to check it – have about 28000 files on it and hope that I will not have to do a lot of re-tagging.

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hello Dr John Rhodes,

    This is an alpha version, so there are might be stability and performance issues. Hope to fix most of them very soon.

    We received a few requests to add support for Folder (and file) management. So we’ll consider it soon, once we’ll released a stable program version.

    As always any feedback are welcome!

  • http://www.wombat.ch vincent

    nice to read about
    is there a possibility to download it?
    have a nice day

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat


    Welcome to Daminion – I’ve sent you the download instructions. Please check your email.

  • Roger Collin

    I am also a long term user of PicaJet and would be interested in trialling the alpha version.

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Roger,

    I’ve sent you the download instructions. Please check your email out.

    BR, Murat