Daminion has adopted a new logotype

by Murat on July 21st, 2010

Daminion is adopting a new logotype. We asked our logotype designers to incorporate a sense of full control, authority and reliability into the new design—those things that characterize Daminion. After several weeks of searching, we selected the logotype you see below; it now adorns the headlines of this blog and the Daminion site.

Below are some of the finalists

Daminion logotype finalists

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  • Bob Nason

    So, 3 months after Daminion was first announced to the world, we have a new logo (which I like by the way) but still no news on a possible release date.

    Come on guys.


  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Bob,

    We are testing the Daminion alpha version now. We’d like to announce a more stable version. And some time is necessary to polish the first version.

  • Kalain

    Alpha version!
    Sounds good.

    Is there a (private) beta testing period scheduled ?

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Alain,

    Hope you are OK. I’ve added you to our testing list.


  • Bernd

    what the termin for the first version ???
    it’s 2011

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Bernd,

    During a week we’ll finished a special version for our testers.

    I’ll sent you the current Daminion alpha build. Please check your email.