Daminion: The new DAM for creative pros and small business

by Murat on April 13th, 2010

Dear PicaJet customers,

Announcing a brand new version of our popular photo-cataloging program: Daminion*

This new media management program will manage not only images and movies, but also music and various documents (PDF, Office, InDesign, AutoCAD, etc…).

Daminion Media Browser

Daminion Media Browser

The major Daminion benefits are:

  • Support for almost any media format
  • Joint multi-user collaboration with media documents
  • Split access to catalogs by user permissions
  • Track authorship and changes to your documents
  • Protection for your files by using:
    • Version control
    • Backup
    • Complete support of the EXIF, IPTC, XMP and MWG metadata standards
  • Super-easy cataloguing and ultra-fast file location
  • Affordable price

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On the next post, I’ll list more program benefits, and give more details about Daminion’s release date.

* The Daminion name was created from two words: DAM (digital asset
management system), which means the market segment where belong
the product and Dominion.

The definition of “dominion” from Wikipedia:
“…In English common law, the dominions of the Crown referred to
all the realms and territories under the sovereignty of the Crown”

That’ s what Daminion is designed to do: Manage the realms of media documents
under the sovereignty of our customers.

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  • Edi Disso

    Let’s hope existing PicaJet users get this new software for free or for a really low price since we never got a fully working PicaJet software.

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Edi,

    We pay great attention to product stability. Daminion based on the new platform, modular and flexible architecture. Most of the code is covered by automated test scripts – all to ensure maximum product stability.

    PicaJet customers will received a special discount pricing for Upgrade.

  • Bob Nason

    At last, could it be?
    Is it really, Picajet V3?

    Looking forward to more details, hope there’s a Win 7 64bit version.

  • Yury

    There are many questions.
    The screenshots shown here, very much remind PicaJet ver 3 which and has not been realised.
    Where it is possible to look beta versions of a new product?
    Whether the new program will be compatible to a database from program PicaJet 2.х?

    On site Picajet.com the new version of the program is lined.
    How this program is connected with the new design?

    Whether there is a technical support in Russian?

    Возникает много вопросов.
    Скриншоты, показанные здесь, очень напоминают PicaJet ver 3, которая так и не была реализована.
    Где можно посмотреть бетаверсии нового продукта?
    Будет ли новая программа совместима с базой данных из программы PicaJet 2.х?

    На сайте Picajet.com выложена новая версия программы.
    Как эта программа связана с новым проектом?

    Есть ли техническая поддержка на русском языке?

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Bob: Daminion is based on .NET platform that is native for Windows 7, 8, etc… 🙂 And it will be x64 compatible of course.

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    1. I guess we can announce a first alpha version with limited functionality about a few months.

    2. Yes. Daminion will be able to import PicaJet v2 database.

    3. Daminion is a brand new version of PicaJet. I listed above some major differences between the products. I’ll give more info on coming posts.

    4. PicaJet 2.6 is listed there. Probably it’s a last minor update for PicaJet. We focus our efforts on the Daminion development so we don’t have enough time to support it.

    5. You can contact to support in English or Russian. But please post blog comments in English.

  • Wolfgang

    I´m surprised!
    And I hope, we must wait not too long for the new version. And I hope, the price ist not too expensive. All my fotos are in the database of picajet und I cannot change the programm. Also I hope, I can useand pay the new programm.

    Regards Wolfgang

  • Oliver


    Will there be support for basic layers / selective editing of RAW files, similar to something like Lightroom?

    I know that’s a bit beyond the scope of the original Picajet, but as it did have non-destructive editing, I’m just curious.

    If not, will it read RAW files?

    Would you be able to comment more on what capabilities it will have for editing in general?

    Thanks for your work – I’m excited to see the result.


  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Wolfgang: I can’t promise about the exact release date of Daminion but we’ll keep informed you about the development progress here in the Daminion blog.

    We keep the strategy of independency the media archive from a media management system. All the media file annotations (keywords, title, people, rating, categories, copyrights, etc…) will be mapped into the file metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, MWG). So you will not be tied to a certain software and can change your host application at any time.

    Plus Daminion will use open database formats for indexing the media collections: SQLite for the standalone version and PostgreSQL for the multi-user version.

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Oliver: Our focus is the content management. While there are numerous of excellent content editor tools. We will concentrate our efforts to create the bridge between Daminion and content editing solutions rather than implementing mediocre built-in editor.

    We do not plan to implement a non-destructive editing in Daminion except probably loss-less JPEG file rotation.

    Document Versioning is one of the key features of the program. You can check-out/in the files to further editing. After some time if you decided to reverted your changes or take a look at the original file you can do it effortlessly. It’s possible to keep track of the file editing history with comments.
    I’ll highlight the process of editing the files in one of the coming blog posts.

    Daminion will support Camera RAW files. Although the program can index almost any kind of media formats (via linked media processors) the photographers is one of our primary focus (as well as designers and architects).

  • PJ

    I have been thinking about purchasing the current version of PicaJet. I will probably want to purchase it before this new version comes out, but I will probably want to upgrade when it comes out. What do you suggest? I don’t want to pay more than I would pay if I waited for the new version.

  • Clair Johnston

    I purchased Picajet several years ago because it looked promising and was assured it would be maintained. After attempting to use it in my environment I finally dropped it because of all the bugs and lack of support. I have settled on some open source software that runs on Linux. It will have to be really good and at an attractive price for me to move back. Having been disappointed once doesn’t make me confident in your products.

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    PJ: Please contact to our sales representative about this question to: sales at picajet dot com.

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Clair Johnston: Daminion is in active development. It means we’ll polish it’s interface, usability, architecture and feature set till it will fit our customer needs. The price will be attractive for PicaJet customers, and I hope you will be satisfied with the product quality.

  • Adriano

    The current version of Picajet I use got slow when my photo database passed 20.000 images. Now, I have more then 50.000 images and it simply stops working everytime.

    Is it expected that Daminion support this number of images with a good performance?

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Adriano: Daminion’s architecture was developed considering large media library collections and our past experience with PicaJet. I guess we’ll archive a good performance rate.

    Regarding PicaJet: the performance issue might be due to the following reasons:
    – PicaJet uses OpenGL acceleration and its performance depended from the installed video-card and video-card drivers. Please check that you have installed the latest video-card driver.
    – Quality thumbnails are generated during of scrolling the thumbnail browser and can slow down the program work. Please select all the files (Ctrl + A) and then click Ctrl + B that will force updating the quality thumbnails.
    If you have more PicaJet support questions please welcome to support at picajet dot com

  • Wolfgang

    Today I got the new blog about catalogues. That seems good. But I´m afraid how I can work with it. I have 42500 Photos in my Picajet database. Must I these lot of photos give to such an catalogue, that would be a lot of work. How can I start my work with daminion using the database of picajet – what is the first step and what the next? Perhaps you can write a little tutorial in the blog for beginning the work for picajet users. In this time I cannot imagine how I can do it after changing to daminion.

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Wolfgang: PicaJet has the option to export the opened album to XML file. Daminion will be able to import that PicaJet’s XML files.

    I’ll wrote a post about converting the PicaJet albums to Daminion catalogs.

    BTW. How many albums do you use with PicaJet?

  • Wolfgang

    Murat: I have 1 album and 98 categories

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Wolfgang: I guess in your case it will be very fast and easy.

  • RonB

    Can you advise if Daminion will have face recognition?

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    RonB: Face recognition is not implemented yet but probably we’ll add this feature once we will implement all the major core features of program.

  • http://none Chris

    Great stuff, but, how do I buy this wonderful progam?

  • Wolfgang

    Please tell us, when we can use Daminion. It is good to read something about the program but it would be better to have the program and try it along the blogs….
    Regards Wolfgang

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Chris and Wolfgang ,

    Daminion will be available for beta-testing very soon. During all the test-time it can be free for use (of course)… Once the test period will be passed, anybody can buy (or upgrade to) Daminion through our online store or our resellers.

    We pay much attention to the product quality and stability, this is the main reason to keep us from early announcements.

  • woo73

    I worked in the past with Picajet. I am very happy about the new “version” of PicJet. I can hardly wait 😉
    One question: Definitely all fields (also Rating) will be stored in IPTC?

  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Woo73,

    Thanks for your support.

    Daminion has 20-30 predefined tags (Keywords, Categories, Authors, People, Title, Description, Event, Place, …). There are mapping rules for each tag.

    For example: the Rating tag is mapped to metadata fields in the following order:
    – XMP: MicrosoftPhoto Rating
    – EXIF: RatingPercent
    – XMP: XMP Rating
    – EXIF: Rating

    Please note that Rating is not supported by IPTC (only by EXIF and XMP).

    Current version Daminion covers the following IPTC fields:
    – IPTC_ByLine
    – IPTC_CopyrightNotice
    – IPTC_FixtureIdentifier
    – IPTC_Keywords
    – IPTC_SupplementalCategory
    – IPTC_ObjectName
    – IPTC_Caption
    – IPTC_Country
    – IPTC_State
    – IPTC_City
    – IPTC_SubLocation
    – IPTC_DateTimeCreated
    – IPTC_Contact

    But in further Daminion versions you can create Custom Tags and specify mapping rules by yourself.

    If you believe that we missed some important IPTC fields please let me know.


  • woo73

    Hi Murat,

    Oh yes … of course, Exif and XMP.
    Wow … saving the Rating in 4 different metadat fields argues for high compatibility. Very fine.

    In your IPTC list with fields supported by Daminion I miss the field “Category”.


  • http://www.daminion.net Murat


    IPTC:Category (2:15) dataset was earmarked as deprecated already for IPTC IIM 4.1 it was not adopted.

    Although Daminion maps Tag:Categories to IPTC:Supplemental Category (as well as to XMP:Photoshop:Supplemental Categories).


  • Wolfgang

    Hallo, since april 2010 we are waiting for daminion. In the last time I found never new informations. I need a new programm and I´ll not wait for an longer time, I was happy with picajet for a long time, but now there are no versions.
    Please, when we can get Daminion – or never?

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    Hi Wolfgang,

    This is because we would like to announce a well-tested solution. And all current builds are for the internal testers. But… I wrote your a private message. Please check your email.