Mac vs PC. What professional photographers prefer?

by Murat on July 19th, 2010

Are you a Mac or a PC? The answer depends on many factors including your job. Many designers prefer Macs, while Architects and Engineers prefer PC. What about Photographers?


Mac vs PC

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  • ryanspublicfeed

    I have windows because I must for certain tools. I run it in VMWare on my Mac. But I also have a “PC” that runs FreeBSD for my 7TB RAID.

  • Murat

    Ryan, thanks for the answer, I appreciate it. I need to estimate the market share between Mac and PC only.

  • Michael

    I have 4 PCs and no Macs but I only voted once. Use the info as you wish.

  • Murat

    Thanks for the info, Michael.

  • Steve

    I have 6 PCs for various tasks. Mostly VAIOs since I do a lot of A/V work. I need machines that have large DASD capabilities 4TB+

    All of our software runs on all machines and without compatibility issues.

    My wife is a teacher and the only option for her is a Windows XP machine.

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  • Marcus

    I have been looking for a low cost multi-user DAM solution for years. I just came across yours. Unfortunately, it won’t work for me because I am a Mac user. (Windows is OK for the Server component).

  • Murat

    Hi Marcus, thanks for the comment!

    Daminion can be launched on a Mac via Parallels Desktop (
    Our pricing policy allows to reduce the final Server cost for the price of Parallels Desktop ($79 oer user) for each purchased Daminion user license.

    Of course it’s not a native Mac solution, but we have some users who use Daminion by this way.

    – Murat