I might suggest another improvement/funcionality wich would give you thousands of buyers,

    ThumbsPlus makers, Cerious Inc. is a vanished copany that has left thousands of users on the road this year. They addored the database management part of this program and are now left withput support. In my case, I had my hard drive dead just after upgrading to the TP+ late version, and lost all my registreation codes, and the emails where I used to store them, so I cannot reinstall and re-register the product. The Cerious Inc. is not rendering support anymore and people are desperately lookign for a replacement. All of tem wish a program that could IMPORT the TP+ databases and tags and so on.

    This will be a priority for all these customers

  • http://daminion.net Murat

    JASH: Thanks for the suggestion. We plan to extend the Daminion’s functionality by API (.NET based) and add the third-party integration in the future versions.
    And we consider the ability to import media collections from other photo and media management programs.

    I downloaded and quickly take a look at ThumbsPlus and see that some info is possible to import now:

    – CustomFields and IPTC info. ThumbsPlus allows to copy the custom fields to IPTC using IPTC Editor. Menu: Populate > Populate all user matching fields. Daminion automatically imports IPTC metadata from files to tags.

    – Thumbnails: it will be regenerated during the import.

    – Galleries: Daminion’s Collections have the same meaning as ThumbsPlus galleries but it’s not implemented yet. I guess we’ll add it very soon. TP holds the information in Microsoft Access database so it’ll not be tricky to import galleries once we announce Daminion API.

    – Offline Disks. See galleries.

  • Kalain


    Do not forget that to assign some keyword it would be usefull to do it through keyboard.
    I mean I can select several images with Shift+ up/down/left/right arrow.
    After that with a shortcut (Ctrl+k for example for keyword) open search text field in keyword list.
    at first hint of keyboard, keyword list is filtered,
    In this short enough filtered list, select desired keyword and assign it to selected photos by enter.
    If there is no desired keyword in the list, just the fact to hint “Enter” key will add it in the list. (and also assign it to selected images.)
    If you want o keep on, just hint keyboard another time.
    If you want to return at image selection, just hint “Esc” key.
    And so on, and so on.

    So do not forget keyboard workflow 😉


  • http://www.daminion.net Murat

    Hi Alain,

    Glad to see you here again!
    To speed up the process of classifying the files we wrote a new Media File Properties panel.
    It allows to:
    – Quickly navigate and edit tags by keyboard,
    – Supported adding/editing/deleting hierarchical tags
    – Allows configuring what set of tags needs to display
    – Suggests AutoFilling for the entering tags. (In the software development world it’s named as IntelliSense 🙂
    – Multi row text fields for large text tags like Description
    I’ll highlight it on the coming posts.