Daminion 0.8.2 released

by Murat on May 24th, 2011

Another two weeks is over and we’ve released a minor Daminion 0.8.2 version:

You can download the latest Daminion 0.8.2 (323) version on our Download page.

What’s new in this version:

  • Added “Send to Email” feature. Selected files can be sent as attachments to a default email client of your choice. Email clients that support MAPI include Outlook Express, TheBat! and free Mozilla Thunderbird.

    Images can be optimized before sending using the transformation preset.

  • Improved “Export to Folder” feature.
  • Announcing Daminion Export API. Now all export features are implemented as
    add-ons in the same Export Preview Form.

    Click here to download Daminion Export SDK.
    Export add-ons are available from the following sources:

    • Main menu
    • Context menu for main workspace and tray
    • Button on the toolbar
    • Hot keys
  • Hotkeys for some features have been changed
    • F3, F4 – now rotates images CCW, CW
    • F7 – Copy to Folder
    • F8 – Send to Email
  • The Daminion Users’Manual is available as a Wiki. We’ll do our best to keep it up-to-date but any help or feedback is more than welcome!
  • Bugs Fixed/Improvements
    • Bug fixed – when OR operation wouldn’t work in the Catalog Tags pane.
    • Bug fixed – with incorrect detection of EXIF orientation tag for Camera RAW formats.
    • Improved import speed
    • Bug fixed – with application freezing when viewing large files (> 20 MP)
    • Bug fixed – with incorrect rotation of file previews
    • Now correctly reads IPTC fields encoded as UTF8
    • Bug fixed – with freezing application when Preview Panel is open
    • Bug fixed – with Properties Pane when entering the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 changed the label color of selected files
    • ColorLabel: “None” now always appears above other color label choices
    • Bug fixed – with slow import of the last file in import list
    • Bug fixed – where it was impossible to select a tag with a long text because of a blinking tooltip
    • Bug fixed – when backspace didn’t work in Advanced Search for Width and Height fields
    • Fixed – a couple of bugs in the Compare Items window
    • Now Export works correctly for items selected in the Tray
    • Minor bug fixes

We are working hard and the next Daminion minor build will be released very soon.

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