Daminion 0.8.4 released

by Murat on July 14th, 2011

A new Daminion version is available on our Download page

Give our new improved version of Daminion 0.8.4 a try. We have added:

“Quick” filtering of tags

For example, there are 800 different tags in my architectural photo repository. Now, to locate all the commercial buildings, I can type “Build” in the filter textbox. And then use my keyboard to follow the filtered results.

Filter Catalog Tags

I can select the “Commercial Buildings” tag and press the Enter key (or double click on the tag). After that, I can select the “Office Buildings” tag and press the Enter key again. As a result, I will see all the office and commercial building photographs in my photo archives.

To exclude a tag from the query results, hold Ctrl and press the Enter key (or double click on the tag while holding the Ctrl key).
To return to your common tree view, press Escape. You can also clear text in the textbox, or uncheck the “List View” option.

Improved compliance with Nikon tools (Capture NX/View NX), Adobe Photoshop CSx and Adobe Bridge CSx)

Now, changing the Color Label tag in Daminion will be immediately reflected in Nikon VNX/Capture NX. Backward syncing will be implemented soon.

Integration Nikon ViewNX with Daminion

Sample Nikon RAW photographs is provided by Frank Bunse

Integration Nikon ViewNX with Daminion

To accomplish this, we slightly changed the Color Label Tag mapping rules:

Read from Metadata: XMP:Label
Write to Metadata: XMP:Label, IPTC:Urgency, XMP:Urgency.

As you can see, Urgency metadata is mapped to Color Label. To provide an affordable compliance with other systems, the mapping is “one-directional”. There are some software products (including PicaJet) that use Urgency to store Ratings. So, we don’t use it while importing a file.

Added ability to quickly select specified tags in the Properties Panel by keyboard

The “People” tag is displayed with an underline font in the new Daminion version. It means that if you press Ctrl + D key, the People tag will be selected in the Property Panel. To change the “active” tag, just click on the title of any other editable tag.

Changed default migration rules from PicaJet XML album

PicaJet’s Categories and Daminion Keywords are both mapped to IPTC:Keywords. After importing PicaJet’s xml file, we saw a lot of duplicate tags in Daminion keywords and categories.
Categories were loaded from XML file and Keywords were loaded from IPTC:Keywords.
To avoid this issue, PicaJet’s Categories are copied by default to Daminion:Keywords.

Supporting us on Twitter or Facebook

We have added an option to help us promote Daminion via Twitter or Facebook in Daminion - After posting a short message, Daminion is automatically unlocked. Before, if a user pressed the Close button without posting a short message, the program would close. We removed this experimental limitation and now after pressing the Close button, the prompt window disappears and you can continue to use Daminion.


  • Bug Fixed: Losing a highlight in the tray window after deleting an item by keyboard
  • Bug Fixed: Searching by File Size now works
  • Bug Fixed: IntelliSense in the Property Panel works for hierarchical tags
  • Bug Fixed: Customization of Tags in Catalog Tags and Properties now works properly
  • Bug Fixed: Incorrect auto-rotating of some RAW formats
  • Bug fixed: In some cases, letters describing Nikon lens classes were incorrectly recognized
  • Bug Fixed: Incorrect recognition of GPS References
  • Bug Fixed: Versions now works


  • As an experiment we added ability to manually re-order media items. Custom order state is not saved. On the upcoming Daminion versions the Collection tags will store the custom order
  • Optimized loading of problematic Export Add-ons. The “Email via Gmail” add-on will be available in the next version
  • Creation DateTime is extracted from .modd sidecar files for MT2 and M2TS formats
  • Metadata saves directly into CR2, NEF и DNG without sidecars (by ExifTool. It’s still not perfect, but it works)
  • Optimized movement of files between catalogs
  • Default Boolean Operation (OR) for Ratings and a few other tags


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