Daminion 0.8.5 Released

by Murat on August 9th, 2011

There’s a new improved version of Daminion now available on our Download page

So, what’s new in this version? Below, you’ll find a list of improvements and bug-fixes. We’ve highlighted several features we think are worth mentioning in detail:

From real-time statistics to complex queries

Imagine we’re looking for photos of bridges. To locate them we’d probably start by clicking the Architecture\Small Constructions\Bridge tag:

We can then narrow down our query results to Countries. While holding down the Ctrl key, we can now check some countries. On previous versions of Daminion, multiple tag selection could lead to a blank result. This could happen, for example, if there were no two files that each contained both of the tags selected in an AND operation.

On the latest Daminion 0.8.5 version, if you press the Ctrl key the program will update the statistical information and you’ll find that our catalog contains photographs of bridges in China and Japan only, thus saving you valuable searching time.

Added: basic color management

Some image formats such as JPEG, TIF, and Camera RAW can contain built-in information about color profiles. Now, before rendering, Daminion transforms these images to the sRGB profile, which is supported by most monitors. Below, in the two pictures of the parrot, you can see how the older 0.8.4 and the up-dated 0.8.5 versions of Daminion render the same image with the built-in AdobeRGB color profile.

Added: the ability to email images from your Gmail or Google Mail account

We’ve enhanced the Email addon so that it now has the ability to email images using your Gmail or Google Mail account. This is very useful if you don’t have a third-party email client with MAPI support. It will also work with your Google Apps accounts.

By the way, if you’re looking for a free standalone email client, check out free Mozilla Thunderbird.

Added: 4 new media formats

Daminion now supports Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign formats. These files have the extensions *.ai and *.indd respectively. Daminion can render graphic previews and read/write the XMP metadata used in these formats.

Added support for Fuji MPO format. Fujifilm is using the MPO (multi-picture file) format to store the stereo pairs of the photos you shoot in 3D with their cameras.

We’ve also added support for HDV format (files with the extension *.m2t). This format was originally developed by JVC and is supported by Sony, Canon and Sharp for the recording of high-definition video.

Other features and bug-fixes:

  • Now, you can assign an image to multiple collections
  • Now, Daminion ignores empty tag values during import
  • Added: Progress bar for catalog tag filtering list
  • Added: Thumbnails displayed in the Audit History window. All items in context menu now working
  • Improved synchronization between Catalog Tags and Property Panel
  • Double clicking on the thumbnail resize scrollbar will autofit the thumbnail to the maximum size of the workspace.
  • Bug fixes: Files used to be moved from Daminion to an external folder (opened, for example, in Windows Explorer) by dragging. Now, instead of having to drag the files, the program will copy them.
  • Fixed: Automatic sorting after adding new tag values
  • Fixed: Minor bugs that affected customization of the Properties Panel
  • Fixed: Bug that used to cause statistic calculation in the filtered catalog tags list
  • Fixed: Bug when displaying folder tags in the query tool bar
  • Fixed: Bug that created incorrect sorting tag values beginning with different cases
  • Fixed: Several bugs in the Compare Items window
  • Fixed: A few bugs relating to the Place tag
  • Fixed: Bug when writing empty values to Camera RAW files
  • Fixed: Bug responsible for the appearance of duplicate thumbnails after manual thumbnail sorting
  • Fixed: Bug related to checking out files
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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