Daminion 1.0 RC2 released

by Murat on June 20th, 2013

After 2 months of hard work, Daminion 1.0 RC2, the new version of the multi-user photo management software, is now available to download.

Major Improvements:

  • Access to your centralized image and document archive library can now be restricted by User Roles
  • The new Auto Sync-Folders feature allows you to monitor selected folders for changes and new file additions, and automatically syncs them with Daminion, without the need for user intervention.
  • Improved Color Management for RAW images. RAW images also import up to 3 times faster.
  • New Tags: Rights Usage Terms, Item ID, Import related tags, Audio Tags
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes
  • Note: With this version you’ll need to upgrade all your Daminion Clients manually because all connections between Server and Client are now secure and old client versions don’t “understand” the new server. All future Daminion Client updates will be automatic.

    Use of User Roles to restrict access to your centralized digital image archive

    The new version of Daminion provides different levels of access to shared catalogs managed by Daminion Server. Users with an Editor role can import and edit images and image annotations (tags), while users with a Viewer role can only search for and view digital media documents.

    The User Roles feature is only available in the Daminion Server Team version, i.e. not in the Daminion Server Home and Pro versions.

    User management: Restrict an access to your digital content by Roles

    Auto-Sync Folders

    The “Auto Sync-Folders” feature monitors selected folders for changes and new file additions, and automatically syncs them with Daminion without user intervention.

    Folders that you want to monitor can be selected from the context menu in the Tags tree:

    Watched Folders

    Monitoring intervals can be specified from the “Catalog > Auto-Rescan Settings” menu option:

    Auto-Rescan Folder Settings

    Improved support for Camera RAW images

    • Camera RAW images (including NEF and CR2 formats) with embedded Adobe RGB profiles are now correctly displayed in thumbnail and full screen modes when CMS is turned on.
    • Drastically improved import speed and faster thumbnail updates for Camera RAW images (up to 3-x times faster)
    • RAW images with missing built-in JPEG previews are now correctly displayed if a medium-res thumbnail is available.
    • Added new DCRAW 9.18 version that supports a lot of new camera models, including: Canon: 6D, EOS-M, G15, S110, SX50HS, A3300, C500; Fuji: X-E1, XF1, F800EXR, HS50, X20, X100S, SL1000; Leica: D-LUX6, V-LUX4; Nikon: D600, J2, P7700; Olympus: E-PL5, XZ-2, XZ-10; Panasonic: FZ200, G5, LX7; Pentax: K-7, K-5 II, K-5 II s; Samsung: NX210, EX2F, NX300; Sony: A99V, NEX-6, RX1

    New Tags

    Several new tags have been added to improve Daminion’s cataloging capabilities

    • Right Terms Usage
    • ItemID. Sorting items by Item ID displays them in the order they were imported.
    • Audio Tags (Composers and Conductors)
    • Import related tags (Import Session ID, Imported By, Import Date)

    New PostgreSQL version

    • Daminion now ships with the most recent PostgreSQL 9.2 version, which contains a number of improvements and security fixes. Daminion is no longer tied to any particular version of PostgreSQL. You can update it separately from Daminion. However, please note that PostgreSQL doesn’t update the existing database. Instead, it creates a new database and new program files.
    • Note also that Daminion will install PostgreSQL 9.2 only for fresh Daminion Server installations.
    • How to migrate your existing PostgreSQL 9.0.X database to a new PostgreSQL version


    • A Dutch translation is now available (by Peter Gebruers)
    • A Slovak translation is now available (by Mr. Matus Kipikasa)
    • The German Translation has been updated (by Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir)
    • Updated French localization (by Lionel Reynaud)
    • Updated Polish Localization (thanks to Mariusz Lewandowski)


    • Admin Panel: Uploaded files can be stored on Network Locations
    • It’s now possible to select the “Upload” option for network files in the Import Window
    • Works with shared catalogs only
    • Right click on a folder and select the “Switch Auto-Sync On” option
    • Auto Sync-Folders settings can be configured here
    • It’s now possible to Merge tags with the same names
    • Quick Search Fields can be customized
    • Faster RAW file imports
    • Empty read-only tag values (media format, camera model, lens, etc…) can be deleted from the tags tree
    • Improved support for PDF documents
    • Faster PDF file imports
    • Creation Datetime, and Exposure can be read from the .thm sidecar files of video files
    • Advanced Search: “Does not contain” and “Does not match” query conditions are no longer available for Array type tags (like keywords, categories,…)
    • The “Comments” Tag is now mapped to the EXIF:UserComment metadata field.
    • The EXIF:UserComment metadata field has been removed from the Description tag’s mapping source list
    • Daminion now additionally checks metadata in the .xmp sidecars of DNG images
    • Added OpenStreet maps
    • Daminion now correctly determines the right XMP block in Camera RAW and PDF documents with multiple XMP blocks
    • Added support for importing Picasa people (works with Picasa versions older than 3.9 version, unfortunately the Picasa team has changed the algorithm of face/people storage in the Picasa 3.9 version)
    • Added global counter token to Renaming Templates (%###)
    • Improved support for Canon lens recognition
    • GPS coordinates can now be written into Camera RAW images
    • Added new video codecs support
    • Added support for WebM video format
    • Truncated categories from “IPTC:SupplementalCategories” now excluded from importing
    • Several other minor improvements

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed bug with inability to install Daminion Server under LocalSystem account
    • Fixed bug with exporting of server based files
    • Fixed bug that displayed “Offline Thumbnails Exception” message over thumbnails
    • Created DateTime is now correctly read from IPTC when Created Time field is blank or missing
    • Fixed bug when InDesign documents created in some versions of InDesign were rendered with the default thumbnail
    • Resolved an issue with delayed thumbnail display
    • Fixed bug when clicking an offline thumbnail displayed the wrong image
    • Fixed bug that appeared when exporting images using the “JPEG Original Size” preset
    • Fixed bug with “Open With” command on XP and Vista when UAC is enabled
    • Fixed bug when text fonts were changed in the Properties panel after a piece of text that contained Unicode symbols had been entered
    • Fixed bug when Olympus Maker Notes are lost after writing metadata into images (when the “Compatibility with old software” option was checked)
    • Fixed bug with inability to create/open local catalogs on some Windows x64 configurations because of an SQLite error
    • Fixed a minor issue with installing Daminion Server
    • Fixed an issue with Color Management in Full Screen mode
    • Fixed an issue with sorting items
    • Fixed bug with duplicate entries in the Properties panel
    • Fixed bug when some options are not visible in the Map panel
    • Fixed a bug that prevented folders from being rescanned (F6)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented writing XMP for Video Files
    • Fixed a bug that prevented metadata settings adjustment when Daminion Client was not launched as Administrator
    • Minor bug fixes

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