Daminion 3.0 Released

by Murat on March 20th, 2014

The new Daminion 3.0 (994) version allows you to limit the access of certain groups of users to certain documents. Now your digital repository can be protected on the functionality level (by user roles) as well as on the document level.

Another cool feature of version 3.0 is the ability to import images directly from mobile devices and digital cameras. Professional designers can import their Large Photoshop (PSB) images. The new version of Daminion can import people from Picasa people/faces as well as from other DAM programs that can write faces into XMP/MWG regions.

Below is a list of improvements and bug-fixes implemented since the last minor update

Improved Access Control

It’s now possible to restrict access to individual documents, so that only certain users or groups of users are allowed to see them.

For example, if several designers or architects are working on different projects, you can specify who can access which documents. So, specialists will not see each other’s documents unless the administrator allows them to do so.

How to protect access to documents

  1. Launch the Daminion Client and connect to your shared catalog
  2. Go to the main menu “Catalog” and select the “Access Control” option
  3. You will see that all Daminion Users are listed below the Access Control option in the Catalog Tags
Access Control

Only the administrator can see all existing groups. Other users will see the Public, Private and groups where they were included.

Users can be put into groups. To make files either public or private for certain groups of users simply drag them to an appropriate tag in the Access Control section of your Catalog Tags tree or right click on the selected items and navigate to the “Set Access Permissions…” menu option

Set Access Permissions

Import directly from mobile devices and digital cameras

If you connect your mobile device or your digital camera to your computer it will be available for selection as soon as you click the “Add Files” button.

Direct import from mobile devices and digital cameras

The “Browse for Files…” option allows you to specify which files to import from your device. The “Browse for All Files…” option will scan all files in your device and select them for importing.

Offline Folders are now marked with an Offline icon

Offline folders are marked with special icons

Added Back/Forward commands to return to previous queries

Back & Forward buttons

Other Improvements and bug fixes

Daminion Server

  • Connection to Daminion Server can be established by specifying an FQDN address
  • Empty Media Formats in shared catalogs can now be removed via the “Catalog > Optimize Database” command
  • Fixed bug when users with non-administrator role didn’t see any files
  • Fixed bug with logging in as Guest login
  • Fixed bug that prevented Daminion from correctly locating the PostgreSQL 9.2
  • Fixed bug with certificates in the Server version
  • Fixed bug with assigning tags in Network catalogs when the Publishing Tag had been created by the same user on another PC.
  • Fixed bug when “Show Auto-Rescan Folders” command displayed incorrect information

Media Formats and Metadata

  • User defined thumbnails can be added for some file formats that cannot be rendered natively by Daminion. To add such thumbnails, first create a small (400×400) thumbnail image, call it: originalfilename.ext.thumb.jpg, and place it in the same folder as the original file.
  • Added support for PSB images (a preview can be added as a user defined thumbnail)
  • Added support for importing Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery faces via imported XMP:MWG regions
  • Improved writing tags to Video files
  • Added support for writing tags into Canon RAW (CRW), Sony RAW 2 (SR2) and Sigma/Foveon RAW (X3F) formats
  • Daminion can now update the Track Create Date field of QuickTime video files
  • Fixed bug with displaying default video icon in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug when WMV videos were not rendered properly
  • Fixed bug when lens and color profile were incorrectly displayed for some images
  • Fixed DateTimeParse. Parse error during import
  • Fixed bug with reading float XMP Rating values
  • Fixed critical bug with writing Custom Tags to metadata when Custom Tag name contained special symbols.
  • Fixed bug with updating metadata in Office documents
  • This Daminion build fixes the metadata issue with MS Office 2007 documents that were incorrectly updated by previous Daminion versions (earlier than 962)
  • Fixed bug with occasional incorrect rendering of Office thumbnails

Catalog Tags Panel

  • It’s now possible to drag items to tags when the Tag Tree is in Filter mode
  • It’s now possible to scroll the tag tree using the PgDown/PgUp keys
  • Look & feel of tag tree slightly changed
  • Fixed bug with the “Re-link Folder” command
  • Fixed bug with U hotkey in the tags tree
  • Fixed minor bug with highlighting a tag in the tag tree
  • Fixed bug with expanding tags in the tag tree after closing the Tag Customization window
  • Fixed bug with expanding tags in the tag tree after closing the Tags Customization window
  • Fixed bug with U hotkey in the tag tree
  • Fixed minor bug that made it impossible to use the mouse to check tags in the Catalog Tags panel in “Assign Tags” mode
  • Fixed bug when merging tag values with the same names were assigned to the same file

Properties Panel

  • Hint with tag suggestions can be invoked by double clicking the text area in the Properties panel
  • Double clicking the text input area of tags displays a list of recently assigned tags
  • Selected tag value is now added to the tag list after closing the tag suggestions list (previously you had to press the Enter key to do this)
  • It’s now possible to automatically select the next item after clicking on the “Save and go to next” button
  • Fixed bug with annoying sounds while changing selection
  • Fixed scrolling glitches via keyboard
  • Fixed incorrect resizing of Title and Description fields in some cases
  • Disabled annoying sounds while working via Keyboard
  • Fixed bug when using PgDown/PgUp to select array tags
  • Fixed scrolling glitches via keyboard
  • Incorrect resizing of Title and Description fields in some case
  • Disabled annoying sounds while working via Keyboard
  • Fixed bug when using PgDown/PgUp to select array tags
  • Fixed bug where the Place tag could be removed while changing other tags and when multiple files were selected


  • Fixed a bug that was causing some CMYK images to display incorrectly when CMS was On
  • Fixed bug with incorrect rendering of color mapped images (8 bits, etc…)
  • Selected items are now highlighted in the Tray and vice versa
  • You can now display tags in multiple rows below thumbnails in the Contact Sheet
  • Improved tray
  • Improved thumbnail selection
  • Now users don’t see the syncing process launched by other users
  • Fixed bug when “Loading…” and “Rendering…” messages were not visible
  • Fixed bug with disappearing Tags
  • Fixed bug when Daminion crashed while viewing thumbnails after browsing thumbnail for a certain length of time
  • Fixed bug with program freezing while viewing images
  • Fixed bug after deleting items in catalogs with created Publish Services tags
  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of multiple rows of captions below thumbnails on PDF Contact Sheets
  • Fixed stretching of portrait-orientated photos while panning in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug with Tray when Guest/Viewer was logged in
  • Fixed bug that appeared after rotating images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug with Daminion freezing after cancelling Rotation
  • Fixed bug that displayed an error message when tags above thumbnails were changed
  • Fixed bug when the first image of new import session appeared blurred on first launch of Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug where some Portrait-orientated images were stretched in full screen mode
  • Fixed bug that affected when viewing images in Full Screen mode


  • Fixed bug when removable devices were not available in the “Add Files” menu
  • Fixed bug with %smodel token while renaming files
  • Fixed bug with cancelling import process from mobile devices
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to close the Import window when the Main window had been closed earlier
  • Fixed bug that caused hint to be displayed in the Import Window
  • Fixed bug that appeared after trying to import duplicate items from mobile devices


  • Improved Export Tags Window
  • Custom Tags are now available in the “Recently Assigned Tags” panel
  • Decreased line intervals in the Recently Assigned Tags panel
  • Customize tags panel now remembers its size
  • Fixed bug with the “Check In” command
  • Fixed bug when half of items in the “Recently assigned tags” window were not changed
  • Fixed FIPS compatibility issues
  • Increased timeout limit for the “Catalog > Optimize” command
  • Minor bug fixes

Updated Translations

  • Updated German translation (By Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir)
  • Updated French translation (By Reynaud Lionel and Alain Pierre
  • Updated Dutch translation by Peter Gebruers and Yves Royer
  • Updated Polish translation (By Mariusz Lewandowski)
  • Updated Spanish translation (By Jose Angel Calvo)
  • Updated Slovak translation (By Mr. Matus Kipikasa)

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