Daminion 0.7 Alpha Released

January 20th, 2011 by Murat

We apologize for the delays with this announcement, but the development of multi-user systems such as Daminion requires significant efforts – efforts that necessitated more time than we had expected.

Daminion - Digital Media Management System

Some quick feature highlights of Daminion 0.7 Alpha:

– 30-plus tags to help you quickly describe and filter your content with just a few mouse clicks (in PicaJet, only categories were available)
– Full Support for XMP, EXIF, IPTC metadata. Any changes of file properties (tags) will automatically be reflected on the file metadata (if the metadata writing is supported by the file media format)
– Reading/writing hierarchical and complex tags from/to metadata
– Quick, advanced and saved searches
– Version control
– …

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Daminion has adopted a new logotype

July 21st, 2010 by Murat

Daminion is adopting a new logotype. We asked our logotype designers to incorporate a sense of full control, authority and reliability into the new design—those things that characterize Daminion. After several weeks of searching, we selected the logotype you see below; it now adorns the headlines of this blog and the Daminion site.

Below are some of the finalists

Daminion logotype finalists

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Mac vs PC. What professional photographers prefer?

July 19th, 2010 by Murat

Are you a Mac or a PC? The answer depends on many factors including your job. Many designers prefer Macs, while Architects and Engineers prefer PC. What about Photographers?


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Supported media and metadata formats

June 18th, 2010 by Murat

Daminion supports a huge number of media formats including raster, vector and camera raw images, video, music and PDF format. Later we’ll add support for Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Autodesk AutoCAD formats…

Additional media formats and metadata can be added by third-party developers as new MediaProcessors (MediaProcessor API will be available soon).

Below is the table of media formats and the corresponding metadata supported by the current Daminion version […]

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Using tags to classify the media library quickly

June 02nd, 2010 by Murat

It’s impossible to avoid human input when classifying media documents. It’s possible for text and audio files, but not for images and videos. Daminion can extract all the technical information from the files, but you will need to manually describe the content of your pictures and videos:

  • Who is showing in a picture
  • What is showing in a picture
  • Where was picture taken (This can be partially solved by using GPS info)
  • What place is shown in a picture?
  • What event is depicted in the picture?
  • Who are the document creators (third-party images often come with some copyright info on IPTC that can be easily detected and imported by Daminion)
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Using tags for Advance Searches

May 18th, 2010 by Murat

Daminion Tags help to quickly identify and find your documents and media files


Area #1 allows for creating, changing, deleting, moving and assigning tags to files. Area #2 helps to perform complex search requests and quickly locates necessary documents with only a few clicks.

I’ll write about classification of tags on the next post. Now I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to compose complex search requests with the following sample: […]

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Shared catalogs with multiple user access

April 29th, 2010 by Murat

Very often, shared access to an image or a media database located on other computers, on a local network, is necessary.

Some stand-alone digital photo and media management software (including PicaJet) allows for sharing of image databases, along with multiple user access from a local network. Media files must be imported with network paths like, “\\mediaserver\photos\…” allowing the images to be retrieved from any PC, on a local network. But this method has significant limitations:

* You can’t see the changes made by other users in the same media database till you restart the media database software, or you refresh the opened catalog.
* You can’t deny specific access, for instance, to those users wishing to view the photos from your “Underwater Session 2010” project; nor can you stop guests from downloading your hi-res photos.*
* There is no guarantee that your current media cataloging tool will not crash and damage your files due to simultaneous attempts to change the same information by – multiple users.
* Users are unable to check the document, lock it, make changes, and then return it to the database so other customers might see updates and edits.

* No other user will be allowed to edit a document at the same time as another user

* You can’t track authorship and changes to your documents.

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April 27th, 2010 by Murat

Daminion has made the retrieval of imported assets extremely fast and simple; it stores all the media descriptions in a database named, Catalog. Stand-alone versions of Daminion will use .dmc file extensions.


Pictures (digital images) and other media files – of different formats or themes – can be separated into individual catalogs. For example, private.dmc can be used for private photos; music.dmc for songs; landscapedesign.dmc for the collection of landscape designs, etc.

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Daminion: The new DAM for creative pros and small business

April 13th, 2010 by Murat

Dear PicaJet customers,

Announcing a brand new version of our popular photo-cataloging program: Daminion*

This new media management program will manage not only images and movies, but also music and various documents (PDF, Office, InDesign, AutoCAD, etc…).

Daminion Media Browser

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